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Welcome to Lifera Plumbing! We are here to overcome your plumbing challenges with our well-experienced, skilled team. Among plenty of plumbing problems, one is Sewer Repair and Replacement; our team makes sure your sewer lines work as they should.

We know that issues with your sewer can be a headache and hit your wallet hard, so we’re dedicated to giving you quick and dependable service.

Why is Sewer Repair Important?

Your home’s sewer line is essential as it transports wastewater from your home to the municipal sewer system or septic tank. However, it can get damaged over time due to tree roots, corrosion, ground movement, or clogs, leading to sewage backups, unpleasant smells, slow drains, and even structural damage.

It’s vital to address these issues with sewer repair to prevent more damage. A well-functioning sewer line ensures efficient wastewater transportation, keeping your home clean and sanitary.

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Key Services

Lifera Sewer Repair and Replacement Key Services

At Lifera Plumbing, we offer a range of services to address all your sewer repair and replacement needs:

  • Sewer Line Inspection: Our expert plumbers use advanced camera technology to inspect your sewer lines and identify any issues such as blockages, cracks, or tree root intrusion.
  • Sewer Line Repair: We offer various repair options, including trenchless sewer repair, sewer pipe lining, and traditional excavation methods.
  • Sewer Line Replacement: If your sewer line is beyond repair, we offer sewer line replacement services to install a new, durable sewer line that will last for years to come.

We know that issues with your sewer can be a headache and hit your wallet hard, so we’re dedicated to giving you quick and dependable service.

Sewer Damage Causes

What Causes Sewer Damage?

Tree Root Intrusion

Tree roots are naturally drawn to the moisture and nutrients found in sewer lines. They can infiltrate the pipes through small cracks or joints and, over time, grow and expand, causing blockages, cracks, and, eventually, significant damage to the sewer lines.


Corrosion is the gradual deterioration of materials by chemical interaction with their environment. Sewer pipes, especially older ones made of cast iron or clay, are susceptible to corrosion over time. This can lead to weak spots, holes, and, eventually, the collapse of the pipes.

Ground Movement

Natural ground movements, such as earthquakes, soil erosion, or settling soil, can cause sewer lines to shift, break, or disconnect. Additionally, heavy construction or traffic on the ground above the sewer lines can exert pressure and cause damage.


Clogs often lead to sewer damage, arising from the accumulation of grease, hair, paper, and other debris in sewer lines, hindering wastewater flow. This buildup increases pipe pressure over time, potentially causing them to crack or burst

Aging Infrastructure

Old and deteriorating sewer lines are more susceptible to damage. Over time, pipes can weaken, crack, and eventually fail. Regular maintenance and timely replacement of old sewer lines are essential to prevent significant damage

Poor Installation or Design

Improper installation or design of the sewer system can lead to a host of problems. For example, pipes that need to be properly sloped may lead to water pooling and, eventually, clogs and backups. Similarly, using the wrong type of pipe or joining incompatible types of pipes can lead to leaks and damage.

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Tips to Prevent Sewer Damage

Regular Maintenance

Regularly inspecting your sewer lines for any signs of damage or blockages can help you address issues before they escalate. Hire a professional plumbing service, like Lifera Plumbing, to conduct periodic inspections and maintenance of your sewer lines.

Proper Disposal of Waste

Make sure not to flush items that don’t break down easily, like wipes or plastic, and refrain from pouring fats or oils into the sink. Using drain filters will also help capture any debris and stop blockages from forming..

Tree Root Barriers

If you have trees near your sewer lines, consider installing root barriers to prevent tree roots from infiltrating your sewer lines.

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Terre Imada
Terre Imada
Free Friday fix! Stan was able to come within a couple hours of calling to fix my stuck shower cartridge. Very friendly and helpful and would definitely call him again.
Had an issue with a leaking tap that was broken. Had a problem of sourcing the part from Manufacturer locally in a timely manner. Stan was able to solve the problem quickly and efficiently that actually saved me money. Once the part came in Scott arrived within hours to install the part and fix the issue. Very happy how Scott worked and explained the problem and how to fix the issue. I would recommend this team to anyone having plumbing issues.
Bobby Baria
Bobby Baria
Excellent service, technician was personable and helpful even willing to give DIY tips. I Highly recommend Lifera for your plumbing needs.
Alireza Shafiee
Alireza Shafiee
Stan visited my unit to repair my sink and seal the toilet. He is an exceptionally friendly individual who performed an outstanding job. I would gladly recommend him to anyone in need of plumbing services.
Dolores Miller
Dolores Miller
Professional high quality service , Stan went above and beyond dealing with our shower faucet. Fast and efficient, I will definitely use their services again. The Miller family
Petra Drabiscak
Petra Drabiscak
Stan and his team is very professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with!
Brad Roberts
Brad Roberts
Our kitchen sink was blocked and we were unable to fix it ourselves so we called Lifera. Stan was able to come right away and quickly removed the blockage. He also helped with a couple other issues we had and provided both great service and advice for those. He was super friendly, professional and reasonably priced. Would definitely use him again for any future plumbing issues should they arise. Thanks Stan!
Christa Legge-Tasic
Christa Legge-Tasic
We had a frozen water main so we phoned Stan. He provided extremely professional, prompt, and knowledgable service, and expertly guided us through the process of getting our water back on. Would definitely call him again!
Evan Chepil
Evan Chepil
Stan’s a pro! Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, prompt, and reasonably priced. Completed the job in one trip, on short notice, and had great advice to help maximize longevity going forward. Will recommend and will call again when needed.
Gabriela Ducháčková
Gabriela Ducháčková
Lifera recently completed a poly-B repipe in our house and they were fantastic. The team was efficient, tidy, and showed great attention to detail. Our water pressure has improved and no more leak worries. Highly recommend Lifera for any repiping needs!

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